Happy Birthday, Swivelt!

November 13, 2019

I am so excited to be celebrating this Birthday and for participating in the development of Swivelt’s growth over the last year. A big thank you to all the Swivelts for their amazing contribution, our customers for the trust and Nityo Infotech for enabling and promoting Swivelt.

A Group company of Nityo Infotech, Swivelt drives growth for our global clients. Our combined strategy of Run, Innovate and Grow covers the full breath and depth needed by every company that has the ambition to dominate their market.

When I flashback to why we created Swivelt… it was a simple decision. A previous customer said they weren’t having the same experience since I left the last company and wished to work together again to help their business growth. Immediately I thought to myself, I can’t ignore a customer need… so Swivelt was born.

Fast forward to today and in the last year we have a mind-blowing list of accomplishments of which my top 5 are: 

  1. Grew our revenue and customers by more than 10x
  2. Expanded into 6 new countries, adding 4 more soon
  3. Grew our team, Swivelts, by more than 20x
  4. Had more than 100,000 customer interactions and acquired thousands of new customers for our clients
  5. Developed game-changing applications, iStrive launching in November and iHive our single business platform already active with some of our customers and launching generally in 2020

True to our Vision, we are “Powering the growth and scale of our clients” and we’re just getting started.

The launch of iStive opens the door for our current and future clients to achieve unprecedented growth in their business. iStive is the “fitbit” of performance management that ignites and fuels individual performance like never before.

It will help our clients achieve more from individuals, suppliers, partners across all parts of the business: marketing, Sales, finance, operations, etc.. Plus it just makes it easy and fun to work in any company… hiding the spaghetti junction of systems and tools that most companies have and that ultimately drags down productivity.

2020 promises to be a very exciting year where we expect to quadruple our Swivelts, add GasS to many companies (Growth as a Service) and attract thousands of users to iStrive.

When I look back on the last year, I am truly proud of what our Swivelts accomplished and had a great time working with our customers.

Eric Suzor, Swivelt CEO

iStrives – Performance Management, Motivation and Independent Workforce
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