How To Manage a Workforce amid the COVID-19 Outbreak!

March 12, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has everybody holding their breath and none more than business owners. It is uncertain when this virus will be toppled and how long the process might take. Thus far, it has spread into 97 countries, and the newly infected territories are displaying alarming rates of infection. Companies are instructing the teams not to have external face to face meetings, and rightfully so. Below is a list of the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Outbreak Statistics according to Worldometers. 

Last updated: March 12, 2020, 01:30 GMT
Last updated: March 12, 2020, 01:30 GMT

It is only a matter of time before the spread of this virus significantly hampers every facet of life. Already, a number of companies are being impacted across their businesses, workforce, operations, and revenue. 

With companies taking all precautions to minimize potential exposure to the virus, face to face meetings are being “banned” as a policy until further notice. This means sales models that relied on these types of engagements will slow down and consequently the motivation of that sales force will drop as reaching targets will seem impossible. 

Equally, some companies are closing offices and asking their employees to work from home. The right move to protect the health of their employees, however, is creating new risks to the business as existing processes, systems and tools were not prepared for remote workforce management. 

It sounds like a lot of issues, however, you can take some steps to manage this change and continue to grow your business. The simplest approach is to embrace the change and quickly lock down your Work-From-Anywhere model. Some elements you should consider to make this model work: 

  • Revise your key policies and procedures 
  • Deploy cloud solutions to enable remote working: 
  • Remote security and device management 
  • Remote workstations/provisioning 
  • Suite of collaboration tools (chat, video conferencing, etc.) 
  • IP Telephony 
  • Deploy remote performance management software 
  • Provide training on working remotely 

There are a number of companies, like Cisco Systems, that are offering special deals / free offers during this time to help companies so that they have access to the right tools.   

Hence, your business efficiency doesn’t have to be compromised, nor does your employees ‘ health and wellbeing. 

The ultimate recommendation is to take proactive actions now. Don’t wait for disruptions like COVID-19 to force you to take an unplanned action. Instead, explore what is out there to help your business grow and sustain its revenue during these challenging times.  

Taking steps now will help your business minimize the impact and in the long run, this model allows every company an opportunity to increase productivity, save costs, increase retention, expand access to talent while providing a competitive advantage when done right. 

Just like every strategy, it isn’t a one size fits all approach. A good first step is to think of WFA as an extension to your “infrastructure” mix so you build a robust business model. 

If you concerned about your ability to manage performance remotely, we’ve got you covered. iStrives is a full performance management platform that enables work from anywhere. This tool will ensure that you and your team keep the momentum of your business during this outbreak. Check it out at iStrives and try it out for free. 

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Our capable team is eager to help you manage this change and make sure your business does not lose any momentum. Contact our experts today!  

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