Lead generation – what you need to know

February 10, 2021

Discover how lead generation fits into your company marketing strategy and why outsourcing your lead generation helps your business grow.

Every business needs customers and clients to succeed. The problem, however, is finding potential customers and establishing a relationship with them. You may have heard the term “lead generation”, but do you know what it means and how you can make it work for your business?

Below, we look at what lead generation is, how to generate leads, and why you should consider outsourcing your lead generation needs.

What is lead generation?

Put simply, lead generation is the process of attracting people to your business. It introduces potential customers and clients to your company, who hopefully convert into paying customers.

It’s an early stage in the conversion process but it’s crucial — without leads, it’s difficult to secure paying customers. In a competitive business environment, lead generation can help your company stand out from the crowd. 

How leads are generated 

There are two main ways to generate leads: inbound and outbound. 


Inbound marketing strategies encourage customers to come to you. The customer decides when and if to make contact with your business. 

Examples of inbound marketing include: 

  • SEO 
  • Blog posts
  • Content marketing 
  • Social media posts

Inbound marketing tools such as blog posts may take time to compose, but they are cost-effective. They also generate natural leads because the customer approaches you when they’re genuinely interested in what you offer. 


Outbound marketing, also known as interruption lead generation, involves seeking out potential leads. The business, or its marketing agency, makes the first contact. 

Examples of outbound marketing include: 

  • Emails  (not opt-in emails)
  • Flyers
  • Phone calls and messages

Outbound marketing means you can identify potential leads immediately and you can decide who to target. Outbound marketing is scalable, depending on your business needs. 

A good lead generation strategy typically uses both inbound and outbound techniques. 

Lead generation outsourcing: pros 

More often than not, it makes sense to outsource your marketing efforts. Here’s why. 

Market awareness

Marketing teams understand the latest industry trends and they know how to effectively source leads. They already have streamlined processes in place and they understand how marketing’s evolving. 


Experts don’t just source good leads for you — they source viable leads quickly. While an in-house marketing team learns through trial and error, an expert team finds great leads in the right places quickly.


Recruiting an offsite marketing team reduces your operational and staff costs, which improves your ROI as a consequence. 


Marketing agencies know how to upscale and downscale your marketing efforts, depending on fluctuating demand. You can ensure that you’re only paying for the services you need when you need them because you can review your agreement at any time. 

Lead generation outsourcing: cons

There are very few disadvantages to outsourcing your lead generation, but they’re worth highlighting.

Automated solutions

It’s important that you find the right marketing agency for your outsourcing needs. Otherwise, they may not understand your ideal customer, which affects the leads they’ll generate for you. 

You must ensure that any marketing specialist knows how to devise a customized marketing approach for your business because every company is different. 

The relationship matters

Outsourcing your marketing needs should mean collaborating with a business partner to help your company succeed. Ensure that you find the right fit for your business and your goal — communication and shared values are key. 

How Swivelt can help 

At Swivelt, our experts collaborate with you to scale and grow your business through effective marketing strategies. With over 20 years’ experience helping Fortune 500 companies adapt and flourish, we’re ready and waiting to help you today. For more information on the best inbound and outbound strategies for your business, contact Swivelt today

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