Case Studies

Merchant Acquisition by Swivelt

October 2, 2019

The Challenge 

Our client, a global leading e-wallet provider, had a dramatic need for profiling, lead generation and onboarding for their merchant acquisition – activation and reactivation activities. On top of this, our client was using many other services to help meet their objectives with merchant acquisition, activation, reactivation 100k+ Merchants across APAC but it was inefficient as merchant acquiring was becoming more competitive and complex.  

The Solution

Our Client was then introduced to our Merchant Acquisition Specialists to enhance merchant onboarding experience. Swivelt provided a dedicated set of experts to acquire new and reactivate dormant merchants, targeting the whole Asia Pacific region, digitized BI and provided an omnichannel approach leveraging CRM automation by applying one of our Sales as a Service solutions. With Swivelt, our client understood how the implementation of a centralized multilingual acquisition team to target geographic needs, inclusive of feet on the street could enable an efficient, and personalized onboarding experience for their prospects.   We provided:
  • Automation and Digitization of end to end process
  • Leads Analytics to prioritize focus
  • Agents Star Program
  • Playbooks
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Customer Process Improvement Recommendations
  • Accelerated Validation
  • Cost-Effective Administration

The Results 

Within the first quarter from deployment, our client was able to identify great leads and drive their focus on the right people with Swivelt’s approach to merchant acquisition transformation. Our customer saw a phenomenal growth of 10 times the number of onboard merchants, lead generation optimization, 50 percent conversion rate rise for clean leads, 5 times reduction of the average time of merchants onboarding.  

Client’s Feedback 

“Hi, team,   For the past 3 months, your teams have worked relentlessly to achieve our goal. Today, your team has already passed our top agency to become NO. 1 agency in terms of merchant acquisition for us. Congratulations to your team. I hope we can keep this momentum up and work closely together to get more merchants. Keep the good work and let’s achieve our set target by the end of this year.   Congratulations again   Thank you. “   

About the Client:  

Our client ranks among one of Asia’s leaders with primary business in investment holding and the provision of telecommunication consultancy with a focus on emerging ASEAN and South Asian markets. Our client group also delivers telecommunication infrastructure services and operates telecommunication towers regionally.   
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