Eric Suzor

Eric Suzor

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Swivelt in 2018. He has grown the operations footprint into +10 countries in Asia. Eric developed iStrives, the first remote working performance automation platform to help organisations digitise performance management to improve productivity, overcoming barriers to communicate, employee retention and autonomous workforce.

Prioir to Swivelt, Eric was a Member of the Board and Vice President of SELLBYTEL and held several leadership roles at Cisco System and co-developed Cisco's Virtual Sales and VMO model.

Syed Ahmed

APAC Managing Director

A real ‘people’ leader who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves. Has a natural flair to lead by inspiration and believes greatly in mentoring and giving back to society.

15+ years of experience helping a variety of organizations Run, Innovate and Grow their business throughout APAC. An expert in multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary, multi-business complexities throughout the entire customer life cycle. Successfully delivered 100’s of high performing businesses for a variety of organizations and industries, From unicorns, top 500 Forbes organizations to start-ups.

Vivek Chadha

MD APAC & Global CTO, Nityo Infotech Corp

Managing Director Nityo InfoTech Services.

A certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Vivek has more than 19 years of experience in management capacity, high transaction volume systems implementation and architecting enterprise-level IT solutions for different industries using technologies such as LoT, BI, RPA etc on various platforms.

vivek chadha

Vijei Maslamani

Head of Data Science

An experienced leader in developing strategies for an effective data analysis and management.He is an expert at identifying challenges and improvement areas within the business by leveraging the latest technology and strong processes.


Surbhi Kochar

Customer Success Manager

An experienced professional in Sales and Customer Success with 12 years of professional experience across sales, professional services and customer success in software and consulting industry. A people's person who is not afraid of taking up challenging situations to ensure customer satisfaction.


Sameer Srivastava

Product Architect

Being a project architect I analyze market areas and customer base to develop market solutions. Develops architectural and design principles to improve product performance, capacity, and scalability by developing comprehensive knowledge about current and future product features.


Evon Chua

Chief of Staff

A people-oriented leader who enjoys working with all levels in solving a range of issues. An organsied person with more than 15 years of supporting executive leaders, implementing and communicating major initiatives within the organisation.

She acts as the internal conduit between communication and compliance to ensure the team work seamlessly to execute on client's strategy.


Mukesh Kumar Roy

UI Tech Lead

Mukesh Kumar Roy is an UI/UX Lead , expertize in various kind of frontend technology. he has a good exposure in e-learning, e-commerce, matrics kinds of portal & Responsive Design. he is passionate about Technology. he is always strives toward writing good, clean & elegant code that work. he possesses deep academic knowledge as well as extensive practical experience.

tikhon tretyakov

Tikhon Tretyakov

Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned marketing and business development professional with more than ten years of experience in the fintech and business services industries.

Passionate about using and developing SaaS products and see how they change organizations' productivity to the best.

Joanne Yeke

Sales Director

Being a self-motivated individual, I am on a constant course of education and self-learning in order to expand my skillsets.

I am also able to demonstrate high levels of EQ which has enabled me to make connections across diverse disciplines, appreciate the delicacies in global/multinational teams and unify teams of different cultures/generations towards achieving unsurpassed results.

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